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As Teknokar Defense and Aerospace Inc. we design of civil, military and general purpose cabling for use in marine, land, air and space systems/platforms with our expert engineers, experienced personnel and technical infrastructure in accordance with customer requirements and IPC-A-620 and J-STD-0001 standards.

Within the scope of our capabilities, we can produce even hundreds of meters of outdoor cable sets on the platform, especially in-unit small-section cabling that requires precision, and we carry out all test processes of the cablings we have designed and produced with our wide test infrastructure in world standards.

As TEKNOKAR, we have the experience and ability to overcome the most challenging designs in the production of strategically critical, high value-added products, systems and components, which are strategically critical in the Defense, Aerospace and Space sector, and which are of priority to be produced nationally and authentically in accordance with global competition conditions. Thanks to our sectoral experience of more than 15 years; We offer all our services to the defense, aerospace and aerospace industries without compromising our quality, in accordance with the schedule, with a balance of cost and performance.

Our assembly lines in our production area meet anti-static discharge (ESD) requirements in accordance with applicable industrial and military standards and are managed by trained personnel. We manufacture each cable set with hand tools in accordance with standards and guarantee the functionality of the cables with 100% quality control and electrical testing processes. Moreover; The documentation of the designed and produced cables is prepared in a way that is understandable, simple and at the level of world standards, without skipping any details.