Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Our Company's Human Resources Policy; Maintaining its leading position in the Turkish Defense industry by increasing its capacity, meeting the expectations of its partners, valuing the employee, open to change, using its resources efficiently, sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, compliant with quality standards, constantly improving its technology, empowered by the knowledge, education and experience of its employees, using the human resources efficiently to become a customer-oriented company.

As TEKNOKAR, we believe that we can maintain our customer satisfaction and high quality standards thanks to the continuous development and motivation of our qualified human resources. With this belief, we have been investing in people since the day we were founded, focusing on practices that will support our corporate values ​​and activities that will improve our human sources. We reflect this understanding to all our employees, starting with the recruitment process. We always prioritize the values of focusing on quality, giving importance to customer satisfaction, transparency, efficiency and reliability. In order for our employees to feel safe, we make investments that will add value to them and the company. With the awareness that education is the most important factor in achieving rising quality standards, we attach importance to the development of our employees. The aim of our Human Resources Policy is to plan, select, recruit, develop, determine and meet the training needs of the human resources that will ensure the effective and efficient execution of the work in our company, to make and implement the plans, to determine the competencies, to carry out the performance management, career planning studies in accordance with scientific methods.

Teknokar Academy

We organize trainings that will increase the level of knowledge, skills and competence of our employees, shorten the processes of getting news and adaptation from professional innovations and developments, and prepare our employees professionally for the defense, aviation and space Industry sector in line with the "Teknokar Competence Model and Dictionary". We plan the theoretical and field practice trainings in accordance with the standards and regulations on a quarterly basis and publish training catalogs. In addition to the classroom trainings planned by Teknokar Academy, we also use the E-Learning platform.


We care about the career expectations, professional and personal development of Teknokar employees and provide the necessary environment for them to develop themselves and manage their own careers. At Teknokar, we attach importance to employees taking the tasks they are most suitable for so that they can use their potential as much as possible, and for this, we follow a process that starts with recruitment and continues with performance evaluation, promotion, rotation, assignment in different projects, training and development activities. In this direction, we offer HiPo ("High Potentials") development programs to employees selected for career planning and considered high potential due to their success in the company.

Performance Management System

We contribute to the realization of the company's goals by expanding Teknokar's corporate goals and reducing them to the employee level, ensuring that the expectations are defined from the beginning, systematic evaluations are made and development steps are taken in a timely manner as a result of regular monitoring of processes and results. With the Performance Management System, we integrate critical human resources processes such as compensation and benefits management, training, development and succession planning, and create healthy datas for these processes. We ensure the dissemination of a supportive business culture based on open communication, and the sharing of knowledge and experience on a wide platform.

To Join Teknokar Family

Our aim in the recruitment process is to select people who have the values we believe in as Teknokar, the main competencies that Teknokar employees should have, and the functional competencies that are sought after. Candidates who want to be a Teknokar member can review our job postings on the career portal, and apply if they think that the qualifications and job description given are compatible with them and their expectations.

Open Positions

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