Platform-Specific Antenna Systems
• Patch antenna
• Blade antenna
• Conformal antenna  (Wraparound Antenna)
• Ground station antenna Customized RF designs
• Telemetry Transmitter
• Flight termination receiver

In Teknokar, high quality and efficient antenna and RF products are designed for different applications.

By examining customer requirements, the most appropriate design is revealed, and design optimization support is provided throughout the project, thanks to the high amount of knowledge gained.

Teknokar, which has designed many domestic antennas, reduces foreign dependency thanks to its R&D studies and develops antenna solutions that our country needs.

Teknokar Helical Antenna designed for cylindrical or conical shaped bodies is an independent and iso- directional antenna.

Multiple antenna elements can be integrated into a single physical Helical Antenna to provide multi- band functionality in a small footprint.

In applications that reach high temperatures due to air friction, a heat shield can be applied to the antenna for additional thermal protection.

Helical Antenna does not need external splitters and cables.

Application Area

Tactical Missiles
Data Bindings, Telemetry
Flight Termination System


Mechanical design for low air friction
50 ohm antenna interface (SMA)
Environmental standard MIL-STD-810 compliance

Teknokar Defense and Aerospace Inc. Thanks to its expert engineers, experienced personnel and strong infrastructure, the R&D & Design Unit designs civil, military and general purpose cabling and cabling kits with IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC for use in land, sea, air and space platforms and subsystems. It performs in accordance with J-STD-001 standards.

With Microsoft Visio and Harnware V6 software, it can make 2D designs of large diameter, hundreds of meters of outdoor cabling sets, especially on vehicle and platform, especially in unit/in-box, small section, open cabling sets that require precision within the scope of its capabilities.

During 2-D cabling designs and 3-D routing studies, it can design the final shape of the cabling and determine its lengths, and at the same time, it can choose the materials to be used on the cabling, both high quality and low cost, according to the environment and conditions in which the cabling will be used.

Since its establishment, Teknokar Defense Aerospace Inc. R&D & Design Unit has taken part in many strategically critical, high value-added and national and original projects in the Defense, Aerospace and Space sectors, with cabling designs and design experience and capabilities and continues to develop in a way that can overcome even the most demanding designs.